What Are Clover Mites? (6 Effective Ways To Prevent Them)

CloverWhat Are Clover Mites? (6 Effective Ways To Prevent Them)

This section is dedicated to answering the question “what are Clover mites.” It is quite difficult to see Clover mites unless they are huddled up in huge numbers since they are less than 1 mm long. Clover mites are classified as arachnids having a lot of similarities with spiders and ticks. However, it is their food habits that help to separate them from spiders and ticks.

Most of the adult Clover mites happen to be larger than mites belonging to their own species. Their bodies have an oval shape and are typically greenish or reddish. The length of their body is approximately 0.75 mm, and they feature eight legs.

What Are Clover Mites 

Clover mites are insects that belong to the Arthropoda phylum under the Arachnida class. This class also harbours insects like spiders and scorpions. The mites are known to breed in places with ample moisture. Like ants and bees, the female clover mite reproduces without male clover mite; a process called parthenogenesis.

A single clover mite lays up to 70 eggs at once the offspring mature in more or less 30 days, during this time the female can reproduce. Most clover mites go unnoticed due to their size. However, when their population grows, they began to move from grass to house. Though they pose no threats to humans or animals because clover mites do not dwell on blood like other species of their kind; they are quite the hassle when it comes to plants.

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How to identify a clover mite?

Most adult clover mites are bigger than mites of their own species. They have 8 legs about 0.75mm in length. Their bodies are oval-shaped, usually, reddish or greenish in colour. The front limbs of clover mites are elongated, often mistaken for their antennae. Their abdomen or underside is scaly or feathery like plates.

Why are clover mites a nuisance?

What Are Clover Mites 

  1.  Clover mites act as an indication of a larger problem. Most pest invasions in a house point out the common: moisture issues. The mites are drawn to places that will shelter their need to grow and propagate. And wet wood makes one such perfect environment for the mites. The likelihood of the mites infestation in your house may be the result of rotting or wet wood. If the holes are big enough for the mites to get in, there is a possibility the holes will grow larger over time because the pests will squeeze through or chew them.
  2.  Clover mites hide within the voids or flaws in the walls making it difficult to control them. Reach out to a professional pest control company to get rid of them completely.
  3. Asking for help from a pest control professional is a better option because they use chemicals that are safe, EPA- approved products by strictly following the safety guidelines. Another advantage is they are trained to use them, hence getting rid of clover mites once and for all. 

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6 Effective Ways to prevent clover mites

What Are Clover Mites 

As mentioned above, clover mites are of no harm to humans or pets since they do not need blood for their growth. However, when these mites are killed by squashing, they leave a red colouration due to the pigments in their body. This itself can be trouble. Since squashing these insects is not ideal, listed below are a few ways to deal with them.

  1. If the area around your house has mulch, compost, or straw bale. Consider replacing or using crushed rock, small gravel, or any dry material. Make sure to move or loosen up the compost and straw bale at least once in a while. Keep these away from the walls or foundation of your house because it acts as a catalyst for the pests to breed within the house.
  2. Grass, weeds, leaf piles, or any vegetation that holds moisture must be kept away, at least within a meter or two of distance from the foundation of your house. This way, the house will not absorb much moisture from the ground.
  3. With a thorough inspection, close off gaps, cracks, or holes in the wall of your house. This prevents insects from making a nest in the walls.
  4. Windows, doors, and any ventilation should all have weather stripping that is not outdated. This keeps the insects at bay.
  5. Since squashing clover mites leaves behind red strikes here is a do-it-yourself: mix some drops of dishwashing or liquid detergent in some amount of water. Pour the liquid into a spray bottle. Spraying the mixture on the area you want will kill the mites by suffocating them. Another way, use a vacuum cleaner or microfiber cloth. Take special care not to crush them or they will leave a red streak behind.
  6. Another way out of the clover mite situation is calling a pest control professional. They will take care of the situation with great ease and professionalism. 

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