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The parasitic insect we are about to tell you about can be found within your home, and you are not even aware of it.

Seed Ticks vs. Chiggers

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These are berry bugs that could be found in places where sunlight could not reach or a damp site for a long time. Who could quickly find it in abandoned areas or in your house where sunlight partially comes and has no exposure to air and the environment. Chiggers are parasitic larvae that feed on humans, frogs, rabbits, and a few insects too.

Where could they be found or formed?

It could be found in ponds, lakes, fields, or forests as well. Once they are fed on human blood, they step towards their adult stage, no longer parasitic. Their survival needs a temperature of a minimum of 4 degrees.

Ew. Does that mean chiggers survive inhuman blood?

Sounds gross. No?! But, Yes, They do feed on Human blood and survive on that only. If the temperature falls below 4 degrees, they can not survive at all. These tiny bugs should not be taken for granted as They could harm us in so many ways. They walk through the human skin and get collected at the spot where the skin is thin and sensitive.

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I am guessing about what these tiny bugs even do?

After reaching their ideal spot, they pierce into your skin and release enzymes, and these enzymes start eating the human cells, which work as food for them. As the skin is now stuck, it is open to environmental bacterias, which will cause more allergies to the skin. This chigger bites or pierce will result in Red bump, which could be spread into the skin as chiggers live in bluster.

How could you Prevent Yourself from Chigger bites or the itchiness of rashes?

To soothe the rashes caused by chiggers, you could use a calamine lotion or other cooling effect lotion. Whereas, to prevent yourself from being pierced by a chigger, you could go for a bug repellent lotion or spray.

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How are Chiggers different than Seed Ticks?

The smaller ticks are said to be seed ticks. The seed tick has a 4 stage life, which goes like
the egg stage -> the larval stage -> the nymph stage ->the adult stage
The second stage is the larval stage, where the tick is a baby, and by the time it grows older and becomes an adult in stage four, the adult stage.

When to be cautious, Seed Ticks?

They are most active in July, August, and September. They are known as seed ticks because they hide in seeds and leaves while searching for their hosts. If there is one lymph, then it’s not just one seed tick. It could be a hundred as they host in a bunch.

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Who could be affected by seed ticks?

Sadly it is not just you who could be the host of a seed tick, but also your adorable pet could become the host of these ticks.

Thinking about prevention? Let me make it easy for you then,

Clear the grass and leaf litter, keep your plants and grass mowed and trimmed so the sunlight can reach all the parts and no seed tick could survive there. If you see any of the causes, use the above-given product. Using It will keep you and your family safe from such parasitic insects.

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