How To Kill Bed Bugs? (4 Effective Ways To Kill Bed Bugs)

Bed BugsHow To Kill Bed Bugs? (4 Effective Ways To Kill Bed Bugs)

Bed bugs cause indescribable troubles along with many other health-related concerns. Bed bugs devastate your sleep and make you experience fatigue and irritation the entire day. And this becomes a routine of people full of sleepless nights and awful day- times. To avoid this it is important to get these parasites away.

But, how to kill Bed bugs? Well, there are some basic tips that can help in keeping these tiny creatures at bay. Additionally, people can also seek professional help to kill bed bugs. Some of the sprays and chemicals also work well in keeping your place free from bed bugs.

It is surprising how these small parasites can turn your world upside down. From physical rashes, and redness to mental health issues, it can take away your peace and make you helpless. But no more! We are going to present some instant ways to kill bed bugs

How to control bed bugs easily

We understand you have many questions such as, ‘does alcohol kill bed bugs, or ‘does bleach kill bed bugs you might be searching for instant ways to kill bed bugs. Here we are with all the answers and the ways you are looking for! 

So scroll down, and we assure you you will have a solution by the end of this page.

Effective methods to keep bed bugs at bay!

  • Apprehend – It is a natural biopesticide that eliminated and prevents bed bugs.
  • ClimbUP traps
  • Aller-Ease ultimate protector
  • Vinegar – This is generally found in every kitchen, and apart from adding flavour to the food, it can also bed bugs. It will damage the nervous system of the bugs. You must apply it at the edges of the mattress.
  • Baking soda– A baking soda or sodium carbonate is the easy, most effective and cheapest way to eliminate bugs. It dehydrates the skin of the bedbugs, killing them straight away.
  • Use residual power and spread it in infected areas.
  • Use heat –steamers, dryers, etc.

Bed bug sprays: Best product options and other tips

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How To Kill Bed Bugs? – Ways To Kill Bed Bugs Instantly!

Do you know what kills bed bugs instantly? No? That’s ok we have the list for that too.

  1. Professional help – The Pest Management Professional comes with exceptionally designed equipment that can raise its temperature from 118 degrees F (48 degrees C) to 122 degrees F (50 degrees C). This helps in killing the bed bugs almost instantly. So, the experts will keep the remote thermometer all over the house to know that the heat is reaching everywhere. Then, they closely examine the thermometers and raise them to the level that would kill bed bugs.
  2. Hotbox – You can put all your bed clothing items into a hot box. The lethal range is an increase from 117 to 122 degrees which can kill the bed bugs instantly. 
  3. Rubbing alcohol – It will dissolve their cells and cure the infestation of the bugs. 
  4. Insecticides – 
  • Pyrroles – disrupt the cells of the bed bugs. 
  • Pyrethroids – Kills bed bugs.
  • Neonicotinoids – damages the nervous system of bugs

Ortho Home Defense Max Bed Bug

These are some of the sprays, chemicals and pesticides to kill bed bugs instantly. Now, we shall answer your questions which are ‘does alcohol kill bed bugs, or ‘does bleach kill bed bugs.’

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To answer your first query, it is partial. Some studies say that alcohol does kill bed bugs. In fact, it is one of the effective ways to get rid of bed bugs as it dissolves their cells, destroy eggs and dries them completely. But, it is only useful if the bed bugs come in direct contact with the alcohol, and it can leave a stain on your furniture. 

To answer your second query, ‘yes’, it is the most useful chemical to eliminate bed bugs. It is a harsh chemical with a strong scent that intervenes in the respiratory system that suffocates them, eventually killing them. The hypochlorous and other chemical properties consist of heat which is not good for bed bugs. Therefore, it is the best way to get rid of bugs. 

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A bonus list for you that shows how to kill the bed bugs fast  

  • Rigorously clean all the corners, floors, furniture, bed, curtains, cracks, rails, footboards, headboards, bed stands, tufts, and possible edges. 
  • Please fill all the cracks and crevices because they tend to hide in these spaces.
  • Wash all the bedding items on high heat. 

Final Words

These are some of the effective and efficient methods. I hope this information was useful to you all and helped you in finding the solution. Do visit this website for more information, as we keep posting such valuable facts and keep imparting knowledge that concerns your health.   

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