What Do Roach Eggs Look Like And How To Deal With Them?

RoachWhat Do Roach Eggs Look Like And How To Deal With Them?

What do roach eggs look like is something one wonders when they have an infestation in their homes.

It is difficult to spot a roach egg unless you discover its nest. However, it is very unwelcoming. An egg can be 5-15mm in size, dark brown in colour and appear in clusters. There is a slimy covering on the top to protect it from any harm.

Do you know what do roach eggs look like now let us know further? Female roaches lay eggs in dark cool places near a water source. In a year, a roach can lay up to 30,000 eggs. Seal your food in air-tight containers and call for professional help.

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What Do Roach Eggs Look Like?

Roach eggs can be 5 – 15mm in length.  They are longish and dark brown in color.  Roach eggs will vary slightly according to the species of cockroaches.

Oriental cockroaches have a red and black pattern on their shell.

American cockroach eggs are reddish-brown in colour.

German cockroaches have dark red to brown coloured eggs.

Usually, roaches lay eggs in clusters. There will be around 16 of them together in a row.  Roach eggs have a slimy substance covering them. This is what adheres them together and also acts as a protection against blunt forces. This is also the reason that it is difficult to crush roach eggs.

What Kind Of Spaces Do Roaches Prefer To Lay Eggs?

What Do Roach Eggs Look Like 

Where do roaches lay egg?

Here are a few prerequisites that roaches search for to lay their eggs:

  • Roches prefer a dark place.  Hence females retire to secluded corners of the house when they are about to lay eggs.
  • Roaches prefer a cool place to lay their eggs.  The area behind your drainpipe or an old cardboard box is a good place to search for roach eggs.
  • Roaches also need a source of water so they will most probably prefer to lay their eggs in a place with easy access to water.

How Many Eggs Can Roaches Lay?

A single cockroach can easily produce at least 30,000 new cockroaches in a single year.  Considering that a single roach lays at least 2 eggs per week.

Since the average lifespan of a female cockroach is around 30 weeks, it is entirely likely for a cockroach to produce two generations within the same time.

How Long Does It Take For Roach Eggs To Hatch?

Duration of the hatching of the egg:

The time taken for a roach egg to hatch depends on the species of the roach. 

American roaches that typically live longer than German roaches take a minimum of 8 weeks to hatch.

German roaches on the other hand take around 3 weeks.  This is also owing to the fact that they have a considerably shorter lifespan.

American roaches can survive for a long time of 3 years if conditions are optimum.  German roaches on the other hand will live for not more than 6 months.

What To Do If You Come Across A Roach Egg At Home?

The first thing to do in such a situation is to not panic.

If you do find roach eggs around, it is an indication that the infestation is getting beyond control and you should do something about it.

The next thing you have to do is to pack all your clothes and other eatables in air-tight containers.  This also includes any fruit that might be lying around.

The next item on the agenda should be to call a pest control team.  Since they have ample experience in dealing with pets, you can be sure that they will know how to manage the situation and you will soon have a roach-free home.

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How To Prevent Further Re-Infestations

What Do Roach Eggs Look Like 

  • Keeping a clean home is the most important and effective measure to take up against all pests.  Having a deep clean at least twice a year is advisable.  This means cleaning all the nooks and crannies, cupboards, shelves, cabinets, etc.
  • Regular dusting and de-cluttering will ensure that roaches do not have a place to hide.
  • Inspect items coming into your home so that no roaches from outside can get access.
  • Seal up all cracks and crevices that you come across.
  • Any spillage should be mopped up immediately so there is no bait to attract pests.  This also holds true for solid waste, like crumbs, shells, etc.
  • Keep your washbasin clean and free of utensils as food waste and soapy water attract roaches too.
  • Schedule regular inspections by pest control teams if you suffer from repeated roach infestations.

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