Good Tips On How To Find Bed Bugs During The Day?

How To Find Bed Bugs During The Day?

How to find bed bugs during the day? Bed bugs are an absolute menace.  The sad part is that there is nothing much you can do about them once they are in your living space, apart from off course calling in the exterminators.  However, before you do put in that call, you need to be certain that the infestation is of bedbugs and not any other similar-looking creepy crawlies. 

In this article, we will deal with how to find bed bugs during the day.  We will give you a ton of means and methods that you can try to get those nasty little creatures out of their hiding holes during the daytime.

What is the need to find bed bugs during the day?

  • To get a clear idea of what kind of menace you are up against.  Identify if the unwanted elements in your bed are actually bedbugs or other bugs that only look similar and are not as harmful.
  • To get them while they are resting.  Bed bugs are nocturnal, so they party all night and are obviously washed out during the day.  You will have a better chance of nipping them while they are busy resting.
  • So you can call the exterminators immediately.  Imagine trying the exterminator in the middle of the night when you first see the little brown blood-sucking menaces.  It would not be the best conversation. 

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How Do You Know Your House Has Been Attacked By Bed bugs?

Listed below are some tell-tale signs that are hard to ignore when it comes to bed bug infestations.  You can look out for them and get to know early enough if your house is playing host to the little devils:

  • Itchy, painful, and sore spots on your body when you wake up.  These are the areas that have been bitten by the bugs.  The red spots are an allergic reaction to the toxins of the bug.
  • Reddish-brown stains on your bedding that are left behind when a bug might get crushed during the night.
  • Black spots or marks accumulated together.  These are the remains of the excrement of the bedbugs.  These are the chief indicators of the presence of a bedbug colony in an area.
  • Yellowish-white shells, give off by the female bedbug.  They are tiny and have a sticky substance surrounding them.
  • Skins of baby bedbugs (nymphs) as they grow into adults.

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Best Places To Find Bedbugs During The Day

  • Your bed: This is the favorite place of every bedbug.  With ample space to hide, many crevices, a good amount of warmth, and ample exposure to a host (you) the bed is probably the space you will find the most of them nestling in.  Look under your covers, seams of pillowcases, under the sheets, seams of the mattress and duvet, crevices of the bed, etc.
  • Crevices: We know this is a rather generalized idea, but think, electrical sockets, cracks in walls, cracks in old furniture, wooden carvings, and engravings, chairs, drawers, old toolboxes, dressers, cupboards, etc.
  • Where the wall meets the ceiling: This is one of their favorite spots to nestle.  Bedbugs don’t really need to feed often.  A good meal every other week is more than enough to keep them going.  So they hide in this area, out of sight, and come down only once in a while to feed at night.
  • Among other furniture, you use often: Check your sofa, carpets (if you sit on the rug often) dining chairs, even car seats, etc.  They will thrive in any place that is warm and dark.

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Equipment You Might Need For Your Daytime Search Of Bedbugs

Now that you know how to find bed bugs during the day, let us introduce you to some gadgets that will help you on your quest.

  • Ample lighting:  In the form of sunlight or a good flashlight.
  • Bed bug traps:  There are both passive and active bedbug traps that are available in the market.  They mainly work on the principle of luring the bugs in and then drowning them in water.  
  • Sniffer dogs:  Believe it or not, there are sniffer dogs that are trained in the art of sniffing out bugs.  They can direct you to the exact bedbug colonies.

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