When Do Bed Bugs Come Out Most Frequently?

When Do Bed Bugs Come Out?

Bed bugs are minute little, blood-sucking creatures that mostly inhabit the bed and mattress, hence the name.  They are known to feed only on human blood.  Read on if you want to know when do bed bugs come out?

Bed bugs modify microbiome of homes they infest

What Do Bed Bugs Look Like?

Bed Bugs are flat, round, and dark brown or red in color.  They look something like the seeds of apples.  They belong to the Cimex family of bugs.  They inhabit dark, warm spaces in homes, like the mattress of beds, dark crevices in furniture, cracks in walls, etc.

Where Do You Find Bed Bugs?

The general rule of thumb is that these parasitic creatures will be found around 8ft of the areas where hosts sleep.  Bed bugs are mostly found in dark, warm spaces of the house, like:

  • The bed and the mattress
  • The headboard, sides of the bed, side tables, or any furniture that is surrounding the bed
  • Crevices of old furniture
  • Cracks of the wall
  • Electrical sockets that are not much in use
  • Carpets and rugs
  • Bedding of pets in the house
  • Corners of the walls where the walls meet the ceiling

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When Do Bed Bugs Come Out?

Bed bugs can come out at pretty much any time of the day.  You should bear in mind that these creatures will adapt to your sleeping schedule so that they can enjoy uninterrupted feeds.

Bed bugs tend to hide during the day because they are not too fond of light.  However, if they are hungry, they will not care for day or night and will come out in search of a meal.  Hence, leaving the lights on at night will not help to deter them.

How To Find Bed Bugs?

If you want to be certain of the infestation, the only way to do that is a thorough inspection.  You must use ample light and a magnifying glass if needed to search for some tell-tale signs of bed bugs.  Look for the following signs:

  • Dark red spots :  You are likely to find these on your bed sheets if you have a bed bug infestation.  They are dried up blood of the bed bug that might have got crushed in your bed at night.
  • Dark black stains:  These inky stains are left behind after bed bug excretion.  They behave much like ink and will leak into the fabric.
  • Bed bug shells :  These a less than a millimeter in size.  They are small, white, and shiny.
  • Skin shed by the bed bugs :  These are the exoskeletons shed by baby bed bugs as they grow.
  • Bed bugs themselves :  If you suddenly lift your sheet and find a small red creature scuttering away, you might want to do a thorough check of your bed to see that it is not a bed bug infestation.

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Are Bed Bugs Dangerous To Humans?

Though bed bugs are not critically dangerous to human beings, they carry a certain social stigma with them.  No one wants to be a certified bed bug carrier.  

Everyone reacts differently to bed bug bites.  While some might not even notice the bites, there are those who are allergic to bed bug saliva.  They might suffer an allergic reaction and require medical attention as well.

A bed bug infestation will cause disturbances in your sleep schedule.  This automatically results in a number of problems like:

  • Lack of attention
  • Drowsiness
  • Irritability etc.

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What Time Do Bed Bugs Usually Come Out?

Bed bugs are nocturnal creatures and will therefore be the most active at night.  It is believed that the time of 1 AM to 5 AM is most favorable for bed bugs to venture out of their homes.  This information might be useful if you are planning to follow a home remedy to rid yourself of a bed bug infestation.

What Is The Best Way To Deal With Bed Bugs?

There is no one said way that has proved 100% effective on bed bugs.  If you are looking for home remedies, try one of the following:

  • Rubbing alcohol, sprayed on and around bed bug colonies
  • White vinegar diluted with water and sprayed
  • Essential oils like lavender, tea tree oil, etc, can be mixed in water and sprayed
  • Diamateceous Earth is another insecticide that suffocates bugs
  • Baking Soda sprinkled on mattresses is said to suffocate the parasites.

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