Bed Bugs Can Bed Bugs Fly?

Can Bed Bugs Fly?

Can Bed Bugs Fly

A most common confusion about these parasites is that can bed bugs fly. These little irritating creatures feed on human blood and yes cannot fly, instead, they crawl. These parasites are named bed bugs because they hid within the beds and are active at night. They can’t fly and conceal in clothes, mattresses, or even in luggage. Several reasons clarify the inability of bed bugs to fly.

People often misunderstand ticks and other bugs as bed bugs and believe that they can fly. They hike on hosts and move from one place to another. Bed bug bites cause skin irritation and other problems related to it.

What Are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are small tiny creatures that feed on human blood and are found all over the World.  Scientifically speaking they belong to the genus Cimex. They are found all over the globe and have been around since biblical times. Some scientists even believe that they inhabited the Eart a long time before humans did (whatever! That doesn’t mean they are at liberty to suck our blood, literally).

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Why Are They Called Bed Bugs?

Interestingly, these creatures are active mostly at night and in the dark. They are mostly found in beds since that gives them ample exposure to the host and also a good hiding spot. Hence, the name bed bugs.

Can Bed Bugs Cause Serious Harm?

Usually, bed bug bites will cause only slight skin irritation and red spots. In some cases, however, if a sensitive area of the skin is affected (eg, the under-eye) it might lead to a more severe reaction.

Some people however are allergic the bed bug bites and will develop a fever after a bite or a more serious allergic reaction.

Can Bed Bugs Really Fly?

The simple answer to this question is No. It is impossible for a bed bug to fly. Bed bugs crawl from one place to another or more commonly use humans as a mode of transport.  They hide in the seams of a person’s clothes or in their luggage and this can take them from one place to another.

The main reasons why bed bugs cannot fly are:

  • Their bodies are not built for flying.  They are not lightweight creatures, instead, they are flat-bellied, which makes crawling easy.
  • They do not possess a pair of wings which is absolutely essential for flying creatures.
  • Their hind legs are short and stocky which makes them excellent for crawling.

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Why Would Anyone Think That Bed Bugs Can Fly?

If you have asked the question can bed bugs fly? Then you are not the only person in the world to think so. Creatures like ticks and other bugs are often mistaken for bed bugs.  These are other six-limbed, oval-bodied creatures that can fly. People might sometimes believe them to be bed bugs and imagine that bed bugs can fly too.  

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How Do Bed Bugs Travel if They Cannot Fly?

You can think of bed bugs as hitchhikers. They move from one place to another by taking a hike on one of their hosts.  Thus it becomes extremely important to deal with these bugs at the earliest because a bed bug host can very easily become a spreader of the infestation. 

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The Life Cycle of Bed Bugs

Since we have already established the fact that bed bugs don’t fly, it is now time to address the next question. How can they manage to infest a place in no time when they can’t move about much?

A bedbug has a life cycle of about 18 months and an even shorter reproductive cycle. It is therefore noteworthy that the female bed bug lays approximately 12 eggs in a day. Most of these eggs survive to develop into healthy nymphs because bed bud eggs are tough and have a good rate of hatching in general. It is therefore only a matter of time before a whole household is infested if there is even just one bedbug that enters.

What to Do if You Find a Bed Bug at Home?

Keep a cautious eye and determine if it is really a bed bug infestation. If it is, then waste no time in contacting an extermination company. The longer you wait, the more expensive it will be to control them.  It always helps to vacuum regularly and stay free of clutter till the time the pest control team arrives at your place.

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