Can Bed Bugs Live In Wood Without Any Problem?

If you have a beautiful wooden picture frame handed down generations, you would want to protect it.  But can bed bugs live in wood?

So Can Bed Bugs Live In Wood?

Yes, so your picture frame is susceptible to bed bugs, including other pests.

Can Bed Bugs Live in Wood? | PestSeek

Why Do Bed Bugs Like To Live In Wood?

Since bed bugs love dark and warm places, wood offers the perfect abode to them.

The dark color of the wood also serves as an attraction to bed bugs as it is similar to their skin tone and is warm.

Additionally, the cracks that develop in wood due to regular wear and tear often offer the perfect hiding spots for these mysterious creatures to rest and lay their eggs.

Bed Bugs Living In Wood Furniture & How To Remove Them

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How To Look For Bed Bugs Among Your Wooden Furniture:

Listed below are a few telltale signs that suggest a bed bug infestation in wood:

  • The bugs themselves are enough of an indication.  If you see a bed bug crawling into your wooden dresser, know that you have a problem at hand.
  • The tiny white eggs of bed bugs are another pointer in their direction.
  • Shed exoskeletons of bed bugs mean that baby bugs (nymphs) are maturing into mature bed bugs.
  • Black stains all over the furniture are the excrement of bed bugs and mean that the bed bugs are alive and kicking.
  • A musty smell about the furniture is another red flag.
  • Peeled paint from the furniture indicates that bed bugs might have burrowed into it.

How Can Long Bed Bugs Live In Wood?

There is no saying how long bed bugs can survive in wood.  If the wood is close enough to a host (like the bed’s headboard, intricate patterns on the corners of the bed, etc.), they might survive for as long as they are exterminated.

A Simple Bed Bug Inspection Guide | Convectex Bed Bug Heaters

How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs That Have Entered Wood?

You might want to follow the pointers listed below if you are looking to free your furniture of bed bugs:

  • Dehydrating substances

They are also known as desiccants.  Diatomaceous Earth is an example of such a substance.  It works by dehydrating the bed bugs.   

  • Other insecticides

There are plenty of insecticides available in the market that can be used on bed bugs.  They may be in powder or solution form.

  • Steam Treatment

Steamers are available in the market.  They can reach up to 160 F.  This temperature is sufficient to exterminate bugs and their eggs.  Ensure that you wipe down the furniture with a dry cloth after the treatment, as moisture is not good for wood.

Can Bed Bugs Bite through clothes?

  • Do a deep clean of the wood and surrounding area.

Wipe down the furniture and the area surrounding it.  Use a bit of scented oil if possible to get out any remaining bugs.  Try to de-clutter the room where the bugs have been found.

  • Call an exterminator

If you have repeatedly tried a few home remedies and nothing seems to be working, it is probably time to call in the professionals.  Though this might cause you a bit of expense, it will solve the problem once and for all.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs | Updated for 2021

Is Using Alcohol or Vinegar Solutions A Good Idea?

Though rubbing alcohol and vinegar are pretty effective at handling bed bugs (if it is a minor infestation), they might react differently with wood and damage it further.

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How To Prevent Bed Bugs From Attacking Wood?

If you have ever dealt with bed bugs, you know that it is impossible to prevent the menace. However, following these few points can keep you protected to some extent:

  • Stop visiting or picking up furniture from yard sales, off the curbs of roads, and garage sales.
  • If you do like a piece of second-hand furniture, inspect it thoroughly before you decide on purchasing it.
  • Avoid purchasing furniture online as it may be another source of bed bugs.
  • Avoid having furniture delivered to your home and pick it up yourself as this will give you a better chance to inspect it.
  • Be cautious when traveling and make sure you do not bring the pests home yourself.
  • Deep clean and fumigate your living areas every month if you have a repeated bed bug infestation problem.

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