Clover Mites vs Chiggers: What Is The Difference?

Chigger BitesClover Mites vs Chiggers: What Is The Difference?

While talking about clover mites vs. chiggers, we like to mention that Clover mites are visible to the naked eye while chiggers cannot be seen without magnification. Clover mites are usually found on the sidewalks, exteriors of houses, and concrete or stone walls.

Chiggers will not burrow into the skin, and they do not suck blood as well. They can cause a painful reaction on the skin, forming a red and hard-raised region that can become even more agonizing if you end up stretching it. This condition can last for as many as two weeks.

Clover Mites vs Chiggers

Red spots on your skin? What can they be? Rashes, pimples, dust allergies, or insect bites! If it’s the last one, you have to act quickly before it’s too late. Don’t let your smooth skin, healthy skin, suffer. Give your skin the proper treatment so that it gets back the previous glow.

Clover Mites Vs. Chiggers: Main Points And How To Prevent Them?

What Are Clover Mites?

Belonging to the extended family of ticks and spiders, clover mites Don’t bite you, but they can cause nuisance at your home by crawling in large numbers and deciding to spend the rest of their lives as your permanent guest. 
Clover mites look like tiny red bugs, and they tend to feed on plants, weeds, and clover.

What to do if you notice a group of clover mites crawling on your wall?

Sometimes it’s difficult to remove all the clover mites altogether from your house because they occur in large numbers, but it’s not impossible. Try to spray some insecticides on the areas infested with these notorious bugs. Cover and close and seal all the cracks or openings which can serve as their entrance gates to your house. Clean your home well and try to get rid of all dirt and pests. In the end, if it’s getting difficult for you to do it yourself, make sure you contact a pest control professional to solve your problem.

Clover Mites

How to protect your home from clover mite attacks?

Since clover mites feed on plants, if you have grown many plants in and around your house, make sure you remove some or keep them at a certain length from your doors. Regularly inspect the condition of your doors, windows, or cracks, if any. Seal the shots so that the mites cannot lay their eggs in them.

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Are those chigger bites on your skin?

Chiggers are microscopic ticks that can trouble you if you come in contact with them. Though they are found in your garden or backyard, they feed on human skin, and therefore you have to be ultra-cautious when you are going out.
Clear signs that those are chigger bites.

Chiggers - How to Prevent & Treat Chigger Bites – Insect Shield

If an infected area of your skin gets exposed to the chiggers, you are sure to face more trouble. Your skin, at first, develops reddish bumps which look like pimples or blisters. They are itchy and hold on, and you cannot scratch them. The infection spreads fast, so you need to get yourself ready for some action immediately. Chigger bites appear in groups, and your ankles, waist, armpits, or any closed area on your body are at risk of being attacked by chiggers. Take extra care of these parts of your body.

Home Remedies To Get Some Relief From Chigger Bites

Don’t panic in case you get chigger bites. You will be all fine. Calm down and immediately wash the infected area with soap and water. Apply some antiseptic ointment to help your skin relax. Do not Scratch. You may apply some anti-itching lotion or cream to lessen the pain. Apply ice to give your skin a cooling effect. Never take warm showers, and in case of emergency, call a doctor.

>> You can read more about how to kill and prevent Chiggers in our How to Kill Chiggers – 5 Easy Ways Guide.

Try to prevent chigger bites!

Always carry insect repellent with you whenever you are going outside. You don’t know when you need them. Try to wear covered clothes so that chiggers don’t come in contact with your skin directly. Wash your clothes and take a shower in hot water every time you come back home from outside. Remember, Prevention is better than cure!

I hope you take good care of yourself after knowing about these infections. Make your health your priority, and stay safe!

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