How Can You Get Bed Bugs Lets See The Ways

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How Can You Get Bed Bugs?

How Can You Get Bed Bugs Lets See The Ways

If you have woken up in bed with red and itchy spots all over your body, you are sure to have thought of this, “how can you get bed bugs.” The sad part is that as easy as it is to get bed bugs, the more difficult it is to get rid of them.  So if you spot a couple of them roaming around your home, be prepared for a long and tough battle.

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How Can You Get Bed Bugs?

How Can You Get Bed Bugs Lets See The Ways

This is one question that can be answered with a multitude of options.  Getting bed bugs is as easy as giving in to the temptation of binge eating a bag of chips while watching television. Listed below are some bed bug hotspots:

  • Public Laundries

Whether it is a public laundry or the one in your own building, you are always at the risk of picking up someone else’s bed bugs.  To avoid doing this, be vigilant at such places and do not share folding tables.  Use the highest possible temperature setting to wash your clothes so that any bugs that you have picked up by mistake can be eliminated.

  • Hospitals And Clinics

Since these places are exposed to a large number of people, it is possible that bed bugs can be picked up easily from these spots.  There is also a lot of sharing that goes on in hospitals.  From beds to bathrooms, there are a million places you can pick up the pests.

  • Public Transport

You never know the kind of creatures traveling alongside the friendly-looking passenger, sitting beside you on the metro.  It is highly possible that someone with bed bugs at home, might leave behind these pets on public transport and you would have gained a lot more than a cheap ride on the way.


Hotels and in fact any other space you spend the night in can be a potential bed bug breeding ground.  The last sleepover you had at your friend’s place might not have ended so well if you picked up these unfriendly creatures and carried them home.  It is best to be cautious and check for bugs before you leave a hotel.


Check the pages and the spines of books that you pull off the library shelves.  Since many libraries allow members to carry books to their homes, it is also likely that they might bring back some bed bugs.

  • Airports And Planes

These places again can be teeming with bed bugs.  Avoid sitting or stretching out at airports and check your seats and surrounding areas for bed bugs while you are on flights.  It also makes sense to check your luggage once you are out of the airport.

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Where Do Bed Bugs Mostly Hide?

If you are to be cautious, you must familiarize yourself with the spaces that bed bugs generally occupy.   Check the following areas:

  • Seams and crevices of your luggage
  • Seams and collars of your clothes
  • Pillows, bed covers, and mattresses of a bed that has been used previously
  • Crevices of old walls
  • Corners and holes in the wallpaper

What To Do If You Do Find Bed Bugs

How Can You Get Bed Bugs Lets See The Ways

It is quite likely that despite practicing the utmost caution, you do end up welcoming these pests into your homes.  Since bed bugs are so good at hiding and hitchhiking, it is practically impossible to keep them at arm’s length forever. Take the following steps if you do find a few of them:

  • Inspect your bed and surrounding areas for signs of bed bugs.
  • Check if you have the reddish, itchy spots that are characteristic of bed bugs bites.
  • Determine the kind of infestation.  Many-a-times, people confuse similar-looking insects for bed bugs, eg critters or fleas.
  • Once you are sure that it is bed bugs that are bothering you, check for the size of the infestation.
  • For an infestation that is not too large, try home remedies like washing your linen in hot water, using baking soda, vinegar, bleach, etc.  
  • Repeat the home remedies over a few weeks and check to see if the population of bed bugs continues to grow.
  • If you feel that the bed bugs are still increasing, call for professional pest control experts and allow them to deal with the situation.

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