Bed Bugs Dust Mite Bites vs Bed Bugs – Truth You Must Know!

Dust Mite Bites vs Bed Bugs – Truth You Must Know!

Dust Mite Bites vs Bed Bugs

Having bed bugs and dust mites at home can be a nightmare as these small creatures create big problems. Let’s learn more about Dust Mite Bites vs Bed Bugs and how they literally take away your peace and gift you sleepless nights, physical rashes, and anxiety.

How are Dust Mite Bites different from Bed Bugs?

If we talk about Dust mite bites vs bed bugs, Dust mite bites can cause you to sneeze, have runny eyes, coughing. Dust mites can cause asthma also. On the other hand, bed bugs do not cause any allergies, but a bed bug bite can cause an allergic reaction and cause blisters.

It is impossible to get rid of dust mites and bed bugs, but you can do many things to reduce the exposure around your home. Use vacuuming with the HEPA filter to help rid gid of dust mites from carpets. Getting rid of the bed bugs is a little bit tricky.

It is surprising how these small parasites can turn your world upside down. Did you ever wonder if these parasites can mess with your whole body ecosystem? No, right? But they do. They physically harm you and mentally drain you, which massively impacts your daily routine.

Bed Bugs or Dust Mites - What are the 4 most common differences?

To cure this, you must first figure out the difference between the parasites. For example, you must know whether it is bed bugs or dust mites only to figure out which medicines to use or which pesticides to spray.

We understand that it is impossible to make a difference between both creatures. But when we are with you, it is not impossible. This article will acquaint you with the difference between bed bugs and dust mites. In addition, we will provide you with some solutions.

Dust Mite Bites vs Bed Bugs – Points Of Differentiation

Dust mites are super tiny but can trigger asthma and allergies. Sometimes the allergies are extreme, and it is seen throughout the year. And if this is the case, then a person needs immediate doctor’s attention. These tiny creatures feed on dead skin cells, and according to the research, one person sheds 1.5 grams of dead skin cells, which becomes a good meal for the one million dust mites. They prefer a hot climate and reside in bedding, furniture and carpeting.

Dust Mite vs Bed Bug Bites | Pestbugs

On the other hand, these tiny creatures who live rent-free at your place can cause you massive problems. These bed bugs are small parasites that feed on human blood. They are generally active at night and early mornings, and you can find them near pipelines, around the bed, tags on the mattress, and box springs. The bites can be extremely itchy, painful, and worrisome. These bites and infections are unpredictable as sometimes they can be mild enough to recover by themselves without medicines, and sometimes they will immediately need a doctor’s attention and medications.

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Symptoms of bed bugs and dust mites bite

Dust Mites don’t actually bite you, but they definitely cause an allergic reaction. The symptoms include:

  • Postnasal drip
  • Skin rashes
  • Coughing
  • Sneezing
  • Stuffy nose
  • Watery eyes
  • Itchy throat

Dust Mite Allergy: Symptoms, Treatments and Prevention - Pest Wiki

A severe allergy includes-

  • Asthma
  • Chest pain

Bed BugsAt times, you can’t see the symptoms immediately as your skin will take time to react to the bed bugs’ bite. Depending on the skin, the symptoms are minor or severe. For example, the minor symptoms are irritation, and surrounding inflammation, and the severe symptoms are:

  • Fever
  • Bleeding from the centre of the bite
  • Small, red lesions
  • Itching
  • White or clear skins, shed by the nymphs as they get mature
  • Small red bumps surrounded by blisters and hives
  • Painful burning sensations
  • The zigzag pattern of little welts or red bumps

How to Deal with Bed Bug Bites on Babies & Children

Although they can bite you anywhere and everywhere, the prone areas are the neck, legs, arms, shoulders, hands, and face.

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Treatment Of Dust Mite Allergy vs Bed Bug Bites

Dust Mites

  1. Allergy shots
  2. Decongestants
  3. Over-the-counter antihistamines-
  4. Allegra
  5. Claritin
  6. Benadryl
  7. Leukotriene

Bed Bugs

  1. Self-heal- Most of the time, the bed bug bites get to heal all by themselves within one to two weeks.
  2. Creams and lotion- You can apply anti-itch cream, calamine lotions or an oral antihistamine (reducing itching and burning). In addition, a pain reliever can help you relieve your swelling and pain.
  3. Home remedies- Mix a thin baking soda and water paste and apply it to the infected area.
  4. Essential oils
  5. An ice pack or cold cloth can soothe your pain.


I hope this information was useful to you all and helped you understand the difference. Do visit this website for more information, as we keep posting such valuable facts and keep imparting knowledge that concerns your health.

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