How Do People Get Bed Bugs? (4 Myths Related To Them)

Bed BugsHow Do People Get Bed Bugs? (4 Myths Related To Them)

If you have undergone a bed bugs infestation, one of the first questions that must have come to mind, must have been, how do people get bed bugs?

It is a fact that if you are unaware of the entrance of bed bugs at home, you cannot consider any treatment until then. Suppose you tried any treatment after some time you face the previous situation. So, to avoid the entry of bed bugs, you should work on finding their locations.

There are various locations in which you can find bed bugs, such as hotels, restaurants, and so on. Additionally, you must also be aware of the myths related to bed bugs. By getting knowledge about the myths, you will learn about the real facts about bed bugs.

how do people get bed bugs

This question has been asked all too frequently and it is shrouded by myth and speculation.  Bed bugs spring up so suddenly that people are not left with many opportunities to understand how and why they arrived.  In this article, we will look at the many possibilities that can lead to bed bug infestations in your home and also explain some of the myths attached to bed bugs.

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How Do People Get Bed Bugs?

how do people get bed bugs

Coming to the main concern, where do bed bugs arise and how do they make their way into our homes? One of the first facts you must understand is that bed bugs are excellent “hitchhikers.” They travel long distances simply by attaching themselves to something. Though they are fast crawlers as well, they usually take a ride to go from one place to another.

You can pick up bed bugs from the following places:

  • Hotels, motels, and other shared residences that you might visit.
  • Public places like airports, public buses, trains, etc.
  • While dining out at a restaurant
  • If someone has bed bugs in their own home visits your home, he may drop off some bugs on your couch or carpet.  It will only be a matter of time before these bugs spread all over the apartment.
  • If you have purchased second-hand furniture, there is every chance that it might carry an infestation that you have no clue about.

As you can see, it is impossible to determine the source of bed bugs.  They can spring up from anywhere and threaten your entire peaceful existence.

Myths Related To Bed Bugs

  1.  Bed bugs inhabit unhygienic homes – This is one of the most popular beliefs, but there is much evidence to prove that there is absolutely no truth to it.  Even if you disinfect and clean your homes regularly, you can still pick up stray bugs from public places.  So having bed bugs should not reflect your personal hygiene.

2. Bed bugs are attracted to dim areas – Bed bugs do prefer to inhabit dark spaces, like your mattress, crevices in walls and furniture, etc.  That doesn’t mean that bed bugs will not inhabit a brightly lit room.  They can easily find dark spaces in well-lit rooms as well.

3. Bed bugs transmit diseases – There has been much research to prove that bed bugs are not carriers of disease from one person to the next.  This, however, does not make them harmless.  They can still disturb your sleep and peace of mind and are a cause of great anxiety wherever they go.

4. A simple insecticide is enough to deal with bed bugs – Unfortunately, once you get them, these pests take a long time to go.  They are one of the most resistant pests and tend to stick on once they enter a living space.  Also, since a number of pesticides and insecticides have been used on these pests in the last decades and centuries, many bed bugs have grown resistant to commercially produced insecticides.

Precautions You Can Take To Keep Them At Bay

how do people get bed bugs

This again is a rather subjective matter.  Bed bugs are so prevalent all over the globe that it seems impossible to keep them out of houses.  There are some precautions that might come in handy though.

  • Regular vacuuming keeps a check on these pests.
  • Checking your luggage thoroughly each time you travel is a good way to avoid bringing bed bugs into your home.
  • Avoid purchasing second-hand furniture, or if you do, have it chemically treated before bringing it into your home.
  • Protective mattress encasements are a great way to keep your mattresses safe from these pests.
  • De-clutter your home.  This simple tip can be the most effective when it comes to bed bugs.

What To Do If You Do End Up With Bugs?

There are various home remedies for bed bugs that you can try, like baking soda, rubbing alcohol, insecticidal sprays, etc, but the safest is to always call for professional help at the earliest.

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