Can Fleas Bite Through Clothes And Other Linen?

Flea bitesCan Fleas Bite Through Clothes And Other Linen?

Can fleas bite through clothes? Yes, Flea bites are very itchy, small, and sometimes hurt. They often appear on the skin as a straight line. Sometimes you will notice a dark spot in each bite. You will get inflamed skin.

Generally, flea bites remove themselves if you do not scratch on the skin and try to keep the area clean. Use anti-itching cream or calamine lotion or antibacterial cleanser.

Can Fleas Bite Through Clothes?

It is difficult for fleas to bite through thick layers of clothes, but if you wear tight-fitting or flimsy garments, like stockings, tissue, tule, etc, it becomes easier for these pests to get to your bare skin.

Another example of clothes that are penetrateable to fleas are clothes made of loose fabric, like net, yarn, crocheted tops, etc.

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How Long Can Fleas Live On Clothes?

There is no exact answer to this question, but what you can keep in mind is that it is much easier for fleas to adhere to clothes than it is for them to stay on bare skin.

So a probable scene might be a flea managing to meander his way into the seams of your jeans and feeding on bare skin when it gets a chance, and then going back into hiding till the time that it is discovered.

How To Keep Fleas Off Yourself?

Can Fleas Bite Through Clothes?

It is important to keep fleas at bay if you want to avoid their painful bites.  Take a look at some of the steps you can take to make sure that fleas are not a bother all the time:

  • Wear long clothes

This is one sure shot method that will keep fleas off you for sure.  If you plan to be sitting in the open at a place abundant in fleas, wear a long-sleeved shirt or a long skirt.  You could also tuck your pants into your socks to avoid giving fleas an entrance.

  • Flea repellant on clothing

There are a number of pesticides you could use if you live in an area with a lot of fleas.  Some common examples of the same are:



There are various concoctions available in the market that you can try.  A word of caution though, you might be allergic to any of these products, so it is better to do a patch test before applying them directly onto your clothes.

  • Wash clothes regularly

Machine wash or hand wash your clothes often if you have recently suffered a flea infestation.  Also, ensure that you keep your bed linen clean.  Change all bedding in no less than 2 weeks.

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How To Protect Pets From Flea Infections

Can Fleas Bite Through Clothes?

If you have pets at home, you should be especially careful, as it is very easy for pets to get fleas.  Fleas prefer to inhabit pets as their hair provides a good medium for them to live in and pets also are unable to communicate their discomfort, as easily as humans would.

If you would like to have a flea-free pet, try any one of the following methods:

  • Regular inspections

This is one of the most effective preventive measures you can employ against fleas.  Thoroughly inspect your pet, especially if he has been out to play with other dogs.  

  • Inspect your garden or yard as well

Fleas often take refuge in tall grass or shrubs in gardens.  Make it a point to mow your garden every other week and keep a close eye while you do so for fleas or any other pests.

  • Flea collars

This is another popular and convenient option.  Flea collars are designed for specific weights of dogs, so ensure you get one that is specific to your dog’s weight.  Also, keep a lookout in the initial days as your dog might suffer from an allergic reaction.  It is always best to consult with your vet before you put a flea collar on your dog.

  • Flea combing

You will have to buy a flea comb for this.  They are readily available at pet grooming stores. It is a good idea to keep a mug of warm soapy water nearby for you to dip the cob in.  This will drown the fleas that are extracted.

Groom your pet outside to avoid any infestations at home while combing through your pet.

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