Why Do Mosquitoes Bite Ankles More Than Often?

MosquitoesWhy Do Mosquitoes Bite Ankles More Than Often?

The carbon dioxide exhaled is the indicator of humans presence to the mosquitoes. There are some reasons why do mosquitoes bite ankles more than on any other part of the body. The smell from the feet which attract them, more exposure and less movement making it suitable for them to bite at ankle. Also, hands tend to reach less often at the feet to kill them.

There are some safety measures that can prevent or lessen mosquito bites and can be the prevention from mosquito-borne disease. Repellents, using covering clothes, eliminating breeding grounds are some ways to avoid more mosquito bites.

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Factors that attract mosquitoes more toward feet

  • Movement – Most of the time when we are seated and are working, the movement is more in the upper part of our body. Our legs remain still and hence welcoming to prying mosquitoes. Alternatively, mosquitoes could have evolved enough to know that their chances of being swatted are lesser near your feet and ankles. It is just a theory though. 
  • Odor – Our feet can sometimes be the smelliest part of our body and the odor attracts mosquitoes to our feet right away. It’s not intentional though as we all take good care of our feet. Well, some take extremely good care of their feet. Generally, our feet tend to produce a higher amount of stinky bacteria than the rest of our body really. So there is not much we can do.
  • Exposure – Our feet are usually the most uncovered and exposed part of our body during evening hours. So it is likely they would attack your feet and ankles first up from the ground. When sleeping too, some of us like to cover our whole body, excluding our feet, and hence the temptation.

Tips to keep mosquito away from a person

Having said that, taking precautionary measures goes a long way in reducing mosquito bites and mosquito-borne diseases. Here are some simple pointers that can help keep mosquitoes away from you and your feet:

Why Do Mosquitoes Bite 

  • Repellents – Some scientists believe that mosquitoes can smell right through perfume or cologne. So repellents using the chemical DEET are recommended as this chemical masks the smell of your sweat and blocks the sensors of mosquitoes. You can find these in most mosquito repellent creams and sprays.
  • Limit exposure with clothing – Wearing long sleeves and long pants usually cover 85 percent of your body, but mosquitoes still attack your clearly visible feet and ankles. It is good practice to wear boots or a pair of socks with sneakers, when on an evening outing or a walk through the garden or in the woods or while camping
  • Stay indoors – Some people may be more prone to mosquito bites than others. This could either be due to the blood type or the heavy scent of sweat and lactic acids. It is therefore recommended to stay indoors during peak mosquito biting hours such as after dusk and before dawn. Stay indoors to stay safe.
  • Reduce the breeding – Mosquitoes cannot be eradicated completely, but we can take measures to ensure we curb the breeding process. Getting rid of standing water from your yard and surrounding areas is the most crucial step and these stagnant pools quickly become hotspots for breeding mosquitoes. Eliminating all potential breeding spots will reduce the risk of mosquito bites and the diseases that can come with them to a great extent.
  • Mosquito control – If you feel the infestation has gone out of hand, it is best to seek professional advice to exterminate them through a mosquito control company. Extermination helps get rid of mosquitoes and their larvae, so it is considered a long-term solution.

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Final Words

Why Do Mosquitoes Bite 

So we now understand the reason for more mosquito bites on our feet and ankles. Be sure to pay extra attention to your feet when bathing and keep them well-groomed. The above-mentioned tips can help you and your family keep mosquitoes away and reduce risks related to mosquito-borne diseases. You can also share the information with friends going through mosquito trials. Using repellents, keeping your feet covered, and staying indoors if you are more prone to mosquito bites always helps. Eradication of breeding spots is key as it eliminates the root of the problem. Remember, having sufficient knowledge always keeps you prepared.

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