What Does A Roach Nest Look Like? (4 Ways To Avoid Them)

RoachWhat Does A Roach Nest Look Like? (4 Ways To Avoid Them)

Roaches lay eggs and build homes in old cardboard boxes, junk or garage, corners or crevices, holes on the floor or wall but close to food and water. If you want to see what does a roach nest look like, you can look in these places. You will find some dead or alive cockroaches in the nest, droppings, eggs with shells around, and exoskeletons.

Roaches will always live in darker cooler areas. Use pesticides to get rid of them but with caution. Diatomaceous earth dehydrates roaches; you can sprinkle it around the nest. Expose them to borax and boric acid; they will be dead in a few minutes. Call for professional help.

What Does A Roach Nest Look Like?

When we talk of a nest, we usually envision a kind of a home or a living area.  Interestingly, roaches don’t particularly have nests.  They don’t waste time building homes, we humans can find and then destroy.  These smart pests make any tiny space into their home and begin dwelling there.

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You are most likely to find roach colonies in the following areas:

  • Old cardboard boxes
  • Old shoes, or discarded electronics
  • Among the junk in your backyard or garage
  • Corners and crevices in your kitchen where light is hard to penetrate
  • Gaps and holes in floors, ceilings, and walls.

In short, if you find a number of roaches chilling out together, along with maybe a few dead ones, you can safely say that you have stumbled upon a roach nest.

Where to find roach nests?

These are some of the items you will probably find in a roach nest:

  • Cockroaches – It is pretty obvious, you will find roaches when you are looking into a roach nest.  Some of them may be alive while some dead ones might also be lying around along with them.
  • Roach droppings – These are dark brown or black stains that resemble coffee grounds or pepper powder.  This is found in areas where many roaches congregate and there is a lot of cockroach activity.
  • Roach eggs and eggshells – Roach eggs might be strewn around in the roach nest too.  They are brownish in colour while the shells that have hatched are less than ¼ inches long, so they might be a little difficult to spot.
  • Exoskeletons – As baby roaches (nymphs) grow, they shed their skin.  These exoskeletons will also be visible in a roach nest.  Nymphs themselves might also be inhabitants of the nest.  They look surprisingly different from actual roaches.  They are almost transparent and a lot smaller.

Where Are You Likely To Find A Roach Nest?

Looking for a roach nest is as difficult as it is disgusting.  Be prepared to get on your hands and kness and encounter a number of these creepy crawly creatures.

The thing to remember when looking around your home for a roach nest is that they prefer to inhabit spaces that are close to sources of food and water.  Since nutrition is one of the basic requirements of cockroaches, they tend to nest around sources that can provide them with an ample amount of it.

Another point to remember is that roaches love darkness.  They tend to run away from bright spaces and thrive in cool dark areas.  So look below your washbasin, inside your kitchen cabinets, behind the drainpipe, etc.

On these lines, the two best places in your home to look at, when you are on the lookout for roaches are the kitchen and the bathroom.  As their population expands, cockroaches tend to spread to other areas of the house in search of food.

How To Get Rid Of Roach Nests?

What to do to get rid of a roach nest:

  • Aerosols and pesticides – These are the most common way of exterminating roaches.  There are a number of potent pesticides in the market that can take care of a home infestation when used repeatedly.  You need to be a little careful if you have kids or pets at home as some pesticides may be toxic.
  • Diatomaceous earth – This is a naturally occurring silica-based powder that can be sprinkled onto a large area.  It dehydrates cockroaches once they come in contact with it.
  • Borax and boric acid – Borax and boric acid attack the nervous system of the roach, which will ultimately lead to its death.  There are plenty of recipes involving borax that can be used.  Borax mixed in flour, sugar, and peanut butter are a few examples.
  • Pest Control – The easiest and safest option is to call in the experts and allow them to handle the situation.  This might be expensive but you can be sure of a thorough job is done.

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