How To Kill A Roach Permanently? (6 Ways To Get Rid Of Them)

RoachHow To Kill A Roach Permanently? (6 Ways To Get Rid Of Them)

A roach can be killed in a hundred different methods, but only a select number have been tried and tested and consistently work. Therefore, you are no longer required to play a hit or a missed game.
An inexpensive laundry solution called borax works wonders in eliminating roaches. Borax and white table sugar should be used in equal proportions for the best results. In areas where you’ve noticed roach activity, sprinkle the mixture. The borax will quickly dehydrate and kill the roaches when they swallow it. There are plenty of other ways too. After reading our post, you’ll have numerous suggestions for how to deal with these pests in your home.

Is It Necessary To Kill Roaches?

We understand, the word kill automatically makes one feel empathetic toward victims.  Is it really necessary to kill these pests to be free of them?  Sadly, at times, killing roaches is the only way to get rid of them.  The fact is that cockroaches are vectors of multiple diseases.  Their presence in your can prove particularly harmful to the health of you and your family members.  Food poisoning, typhoid, cholera, and dysentery are a few examples of diseases that can be spread by cockroaches.

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How To Kill A Roach?

Now let us discuss some steps we can take to get rid of these pests:

  1. Restrict Nourishment To Roaches – Roaches, like any other living beings, require food and water for their basic nourishment.  As the owner of the house, hesitant to welcome pests, one of your first actions should be to cut off their food and water supply.  So mop up after cooking.  Make sure no crumbs are lying around on your kitchen floor or the kitchen counter.  Take out the trash every night and make sure there are no leaking drainpipes or taps for water.
  2. Set Up Baits – Cockroach bait usually means food that is mixed in with a substance that is poisonous to roaches.  This could include making small cakes of boric acid, mixed in with flour and sugar, a pesticide sprinkled onto a bit of toast, etc.  The whole idea is to entice the roach into consuming a substance that is laced with poison.  This could be similar to rat traps that are set up all over the house. You will find several cockroach baits available in the market, carrying clear instructions on how they are to be used.
  3. Use Boric Acid In Abundance – Boric acid is something that dehydrates cockroaches when they come in contact with it.  It can be found in powder or solution form. A good example is mixing equal parts of boric acid, sugar, and water.  This solution can be left in a corner of your kitchen where you notice the most pests.  As soon as the roaches come in contact with this solution, it will begin to act on their nervous system and they will be dehydrated. You should do this at night when the household is calm as you do not want kids or pets coming in contact with this solution.
  4. Cockroach Spray – You will find a long list of cockroach sprays in the open market.  They are a deadly concoction of powerful pesticides that will ensure you are rid of your roach infestation.  The only problem here is that these sprays can be toxic to humans, so keep all food in the kitchen covered when you are using them.  Some studies have also shown that these sprays are extremely inflammable hence proving quite harmful to humans if they are subjected to continued exposure.
  5. Use Brute Force – This old-school method of dealing with roaches is one that has survived generations.  If you do find a roach loitering around, use whatever is closest to you and be done with it.  It could be your shoe, a heavy-bottomed pan, and if you are brave enough, your bare hand as well.  Of course, it is impossible to end exterminations by going about smacking roaches, but it can surely reduce numbers.
  6. Attack Roach Nests

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Final Words On How To Kill A Roach?

Any location where roaches may be present is referred to as a “roach nest.” Any space that is cool and dark could be used, such as an old cardboard box, unused tools and gadgets, empty shelves, and more. Additionally, be careful to patch any holes in your home’s walls or floor. The majority of the roaches will probably go to find another place to live once there are no longer any hiding places available.

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