Where Do Bed Bugs Hide On Your Body?

Bed BugsWhere Do Bed Bugs Hide On Your Body?

The question “Where Do Bed Bugs Hide On Your Body?” is frequently asked. Darkness and uninhabited environments are favorites of bed bugs. Bed bugs can hide there since the scalp or hair are dark areas with lots of opportunities to suck blood. The jerking of the head or flying hairs, however, can frighten them out of their nesting and force them to relocate to another part of the body.

They enjoy moving around on the skin to draw blood from various parts of the human body. Any open skin can be examined to see them, although the legs, arms, and neck are most susceptible. Your sensory organs can hide inside your nose or ears if they are underdeveloped.

Bed bugs are experts at hiding. One of their main modes of operation is to hide during the day and venture out only during the night for a feed. This means that bed bugs have to constantly search for new places to hide. It is possible that some of the more adventurous bugs might try to take shelter somewhere on your body. In this article, we will explore if that is a possibility and to what extent is it viable.

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Can Bed Bugs Hide On Your Body?

Before we explore the spaces that bed bugs occupy, we must ascertain whether or not these creatures can inhabit the human body. The answer to this question is, yes. Bed bugs can hide on your body, but the fact is that they are unlikely to, due to the underlying reasons:

  • Bed bugs prefer environments where they can be left undisturbed. The human body, with all its jerks and movements, is not likely to be an ideal spot for steadiness.
  • Bed bugs prefer cool temperatures, so the warm human body might not be an ideal space to offer long-term residence to bed bugs.

Where Do Bed Bugs Hide on Your Body?

We have stated that bed bugs inhabiting your body is an unlikely circumstance, even though, it might happen. Here are some of the spots that will offer good coverage to bed bugs:

  • Scalp or hair – It might be extremely difficult for bed bugs to survive on your scalp, but it is a good place for them. Not only does it give them ample access to meals, but it is also a dark space that bed bugs enjoy. The constant jerking of the head is the only reason that bed bugs might not want to live in your hair for long.
  • Ears – This is another space that bed bugs might crawl into. Many of those who suffer infestations also worry that stray bed bugs might crawl into their ears at night. Though it is possible, this is unlikely. Bed bugs are smart enough to know that ears are one-sided openings that they won’t be able to get out of.
  • Nose – Much like the ears, this too is an unlikely possibility. Bed bugs might be able to get to your nose, but, in all probability, you will be able to sense them before they can enter your nose. This is because the skin around your nose is very sensitive.
  • Open Skin – This is the most viable spot for bed bugs. Most bed bugs prefer open skin as it gives them enough space to move about and also access to meals. You will most probably find bed bugs crawling about on your face, arms, legs, and neck.

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How Long Can Bed Bugs Stay On Your Body?

It is highly unlikely that bed bugs will linger on your body for more than a few days, at the most. The bed bugs in your hair might take a while to get out, and that too, only because they may not be able to find their way out. Most bed bugs attack their victims while they are asleep at night and leave as soon as the process of feeding is over. The entire process of feeding might take anywhere between 5 – 15 minutes.

Are Bed Bugs on Your Body Dangerous?

No. Bed bugs on your body are not dangerous. They might, at the most seek shelter for a while and then leave as soon as they are full. There have also been various studies, proving that bed bugs are unable to transmit disease from one person to another. So there is nothing to worry about on that front too. Having stated that bed bugs do not pose an immediate danger to you, it is important to establish that you must take all possible steps to ensure that bed bugs do not continue to inhabit your body for long.

Final Words

If bed bugs have been continuously residing on your body, the infestation is likely out of control and all available hiding places in your home have been filled. Therefore, it can be a good idea to send pest control services right away in this situation.

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