Do Bed Bugs Jump When They Move About?

Bed BugsDo Bed Bugs Jump When They Move About?

Whether you live in the city or in a rural area, it is more than likely that you have had to encounter the menace of bedbugs at least once in your life. It is almost impossible to get rid of these pests once they are inside your home. This article deals with the movement of these parasitic creatures and answers a key question, do bed bugs jump?

Before we get to the main point, it is essential for you to understand what these creatures are and how they can affect human life.

What Are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs belong to the genus of Cimex. They are parasites that feed on human blood. These little creatures are nocturnal which means that they are active mostly at night. They bear piercing and sucking antennae at their mouth which they then use to pierce through layers of human skin and draw blood.

It does not matter where you live, you can always face bed bugs in different locations of the house. It is complex for people to get rid of bed bugs easily. As a result, they have to do deep research about the insects right from physical appearance to movements.

Once you commence research about the bugs, you will come across several facts that include their mode of moving. Additionally, you will gain knowledge that bed bugs can crawl. All you need to do is check the different locations where you can observe the location of bed bugs and take prevention.

Reactions Of The Human Skin Tissue

Skin tissue reacts differently to the sting of bed bugs. Mild symptoms include:

  • Itching
  • Irritation of the skin
  • Redness
  • Small nodules that look like hives
  • Fever in more severe cases

Types Of Bedbugs

There are mainly three types of bugs that you might notice once you have suffered from an infestation. They are as follows:

  • Male bugs
  • Female bugs    
  • Nymphs (baby bugs)

The males and females look pretty similar in appearance while the nymphs are slightly smaller. A typical female bug will lay about 2-3 eggs in a day, making the process of multiplication rather quick. It is hence only a matter of time before they take over any place that they infest. Only a few bed bugs can give rise to a colony in a matter of days.  They are one of the fastest-multiplying populations in the insect world.

How Do Bed Bugs Jump?

So the question on your mind may be, how do they get about?

Bed bugs don’t have wings to fly from one place to another, nor are they strong-limbed to be able to jump long distances. So one might have a hard time trying to imagine how they commute. 

List of the moving patterns of bed bugs

Listed below are a few methods on how bed bugs jump:

  • Via human contact: This is the primary way for a bed bug to travel.  They are easily transported from one person to another when humans themselves travel.
  • By hiding in seams and corners: Bedbugs have an uncanny ability to hide in the deep nooks and crannies of places. You might find them in the seams of purses, linings of clothes, cracks of old furniture, and folds of your bedding. They are extremely difficult to spot and therefore are masters at the game of hiding.
  • When old items are resold: Imagine buying an old sofa off a flea market.  The only thing that you didn’t know is that it is probably full of fleas and bugs itself. Second-hand furniture and clothes have proven to be one of the most popular means of bed bug colony expansion.

Do Bed Bugs Jump?

To answer the main question. Do bed bugs jump?

No. It is not possible for a bed bug to lead his life in leaps and bounds, literally. Bed bugs have short and light legs and flat stomachs. Both these features make bed bugs fast and excellent crawlers. They can crawl pretty fast but it is not possible for them to be jumping about like grasshoppers.

How Do Bed Bugs Jump Over Short Distance?

Do bedbugs jump over short distances? Jumping is not the first method of transport that a bug would choose. However, there is evidence that bedbugs might choose to jump from a wall to a neighboring surface like a chair. If they do fall in the event, they will land on their bellies and might be up and about in action only a few minutes after.

What are the preventive measures that need to take for bed bugs?

The perfect way to keep yourself away from the bed bug bite is to prevent the entry and spread of bed bugs in your homes and surroundings.

Take a look at some of the preventive measures to prevent bed bug bites below:

  • At home always see to it that you keep your sofas, floor mats, and beds fully dusted and free from any residual food items.
  • While sleeping wear full clothes so that the bug does not get any passage to bite your body parts.
  • Whenever you have purchased some renewed furniture or appliances, first dust them properly to ensure that they are not house-to-bed bugs.
  • While halting in at any hotel see to it that in the hotel room, you place your luggage at some table or chair as placing it on the floor can be a threat to the entry of bed bugs in your clothes.
  • When you are out trekking in the dense forests hike through the path with the least bushes and grass to prevent bed bugs or any other insects from climbing on your body.
  • Make use of the various skin-safe and perfumed insect repellents that prove to be effective in keeping you away from all types of harmful insect bites.


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