What Do Roach Bites Look Like? (5 Ways To Treat Them)

RoachWhat Do Roach Bites Look Like? (5 Ways To Treat Them)

Wondering how to deal with cockroaches and what do roach bites look like? 

This article will give you all the information you need on roach bites.  Once you know all about roaches, dealing with them is a little easier.

So, what do roach bites look like?

Roach bites are red raised bumps. If you are allergic to their saliva, it can land you in a hospital. They bite at night since they roam around when humans are not in sight.

When their infestation increases, they come to bite humans. Although they are not dangerous, they carry several harmful diseases with them. If bitten, wash the area with antibacterial soap and water several times a day, apply ice packs or alcohol, and can apply an ointment.

Do not scratch. See a doctor if it gets worse.

What Do Roach Bites Look Like?

In simple words, roach bites appear as small, red, raised bumps on the skin that appear singularly, instead of in a cluster.  They will itch and show signs of inflammation as well.  If you are not allergic to them, roach bites can be pretty harmless, though, if you are allergic to the saliva of cockroaches, this can result in a severe allergic reaction that could land you in a hospital with anaphylaxis. 

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Here are a few more points to note about roach bites.  These will help you discern and differentiate between roach bites and those that are caused by other insects.

Roach bites occur nocturnally

Since roaches are most active at night, it is only obvious that maximum roach bites occur during the night.  Since roaches usually wander about at night so as not to come across too many humans, they scavenge for food at these times too.  This makes tracking roaches and their bites rather difficult.

Difference between roach and bug bite

What Do Roach Bites Look Like?

Cockroach bites and bed bug bites can be difficult to differentiate between.  While bed bug bites tend to occur in clusters, roach bites are usually solitary.  Roach bites are also bigger and redder than bed bug bites.  If the roach bites subside by themselves, there is no problem, however, repeatedly itching them might lead to further infections and pus developing in the roach bite.

Roach bites can be dangerous

Not only can roach bites be dangerous to those who are allergic to them, but they can also be more painful and tend to take longer to heal than usual insect bites.

Scratching them can make them worse

Scratching can make cockroach bites worse.  They can lead to the opening of the skin and secondary infections that only get worse.  The best you can do is wash the affected area with warm water and soap.  You could also use a mild disinfectant.  Alcohol and icepacks can help you deal with the redness and the itching.

What Do Roach Bites Indicate?

Though roach bites are rare, they might occur.  One of the main reasons roach bites occur is because cockroaches venture out of their comfort zone for food.  This occurs when the roach population expands and there is a shortage of food among them.  Hence, the most common inference you can derive from a roach bite is that your cockroach infestation is serious and things are getting out of control.

Are Cockroach Bites Poisonous?

Contrary to popular belief cockroach bites are not poisonous.  There is no venom injected into the skin of humans when a roach bites a host.  

Having established that roach bites are nonpoisonous, it is also necessary to point out that cockroaches are vectors to a number of bacteria.  Hence, you might find them conveying and carrying a number of diseases that can be harmful.

How To Treat Roach Bites?

What Do Roach Bites Look Like?

Here are a few tips that should help you when you are dealing with a roach bite:

How to cure Roach Bites?

  • Wash the area with warm water and soap, multiple times a day.  Using an antibacterial soap is very important.
  • Ice packs and alcohol can be very helpful when dealing with inflammation.  They help calm things down.
  • You could also use a topical ointment or gel that will help with the inflammation if you have a constant ache in the affected area.
  • Do not scratch the area, even if it is itching.  The application of calming gels and creams will automatically reduce the itching.  Wearing mittens, gloves, or even socks on your hands has been helpful in preventing scratching as well.
  • If the inflammation seems to be getting worse or shows no signs of subsiding even after a week, consider making an appointment with a doctor.

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Concluding Thoughts

Though cockroach bites are not at all dangerous, they are a clear indication that you need help with the infestation in your home.  Though there are several DIY treatments for roaches in your home, you should always prefer professional help as they are experienced in dealing with pests.

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