Scabies How To Get Rid Of Scabies On Mattress – For Good?

How To Get Rid Of Scabies On Mattress – For Good?

How To Get Rid Of Scabies On Mattress?

If one gets infected by scabies, then cleaning is the most important thing to do to prevent further spread. Getting rid of scabies on mattress is an important and slightly tough to do. Disinfecting whole room, including all hooks and corners is mandatory as the they are the centre of attraction of microbes.

Preventing re-infection is very necessary as it can easily spread. Sun drying mattresses and keeping a check at the surrounding for any symptom of Scabies can avoid re-infection.

How To Get Rid Of Scabies On Mattress?

Wondering how to get rid of scabies on mattress and in other nooks and crannies of your home?  Then this is the place for you to be.  We have compiled a detailed article on the steps you can take to avoid even the most minute traces of scabies on your mattress that might be present.

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Symptoms of scabies

Before we proceed, we must be sure of the symptoms of scabies.  These include:

  • Itching (frequently at night)
  • A rash that looks like tiny bumps.  This usually appears as long lines.
  • Borrowing.  This appears as tiny greyish-white lines.
  • Scaly patches around the rash.
  • Thick crusts around the rash.

How To Get Rid Of Scabies On Mattress

Once you are sure that there is a scabies infestation, you need to take action instantly, so as to prevent the spread of these microbes all over your living area.  It is likely that many of them might have already reached other parts of your home, so you should also think of ways to cleanse those areas simultaneously.  Take a look at a few actions that you can consider:

  • De-clutter your room

Clutter is the main item that attracts germs, microbes, and bugs of various nature.  

Separate the infected items from the ones that are clean.  Seal all infected items in zip lock bags and keep them as such for over 72 hours.  This should ensure the microbes and their eggs are both taken care of.

  • Wash bed linen in hot water

Aim for temperatures higher than 140F.  You might need to wash your bed linen a couple of times to be sure the mites are completely eradicated.  There is little chance of them surviving such high temperatures.  Upholstery and bedding that cannot be washed should be subjected to tumble dry at a similar temperature in a dryer.  Add a couple of drops of disinfectant to be doubly sure.

  • Clean Surfaces

All surfaces of furniture, like tabletops, cabinets, etc can be cleaned by using warm water and a cloth soaked in soapy water.  

Use a steam cleaner over furniture, upholstery, cushions, and even over your mattress.  Ensure that you maintain a temperature over 130F for complete removal of the mites.

You can then wipe all furniture with a disinfectant.

  • Disinfectant Spray

This is a good option for those looking to bulk clean their items.  This is a good option for mattresses as well since they can be cleaned in a short time and conveniently using a spray bottle.

  • Consult a physician

Treating your mattress will not be enough.  Given the amount of time we spend in our beds, it becomes important to get a professional opinion regarding the nature of the infection.  A physician will advise you on the best way to deal with scabies, both for yourself and your home as well.

How To Prevent A Re-infestation

The one and the only way to prevent a re-infestation of scabies is to always be vigilant. 

Keep checking your surroundings for signs of scabies.

Perform regular bodily inspections as well in areas like elbows, ankles, webs of the fingers, etc.

If you live with other family members ensure that they are tested for scabies as well and come back clean.

Complete the medication for scabies that has been prescribed by your doctor.

What To Do After Cleaning The Mattress

Your bed is probably the scape you spend most of your time in.  So it is only obvious that having to give your mattress a thorough cleaning will cause a good amount of inconvenience to you.

  • The chemicals you use to clean the mites out of your mattress might leave a lingering smell.  Deal with this by using a few drops of essential oil diluted in water.  Use a spray bottle to spray it all over.
  • Sundry your mattress for a few days after it has been cleaned.
  • Overturn your mattress once you have got rid of all the mites.
  • Have professionals inspect your mattress from time to time to avoid a re-infestation of the microbes.

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It might be a bother to clean out your mattress, but it is an essential task.  This is because even though you might treat your skin if the scabies microbes are present on your mattress, you will be attacked by them again.

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