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Chigger Bites Treatment

Are Chiggers Contagious?

Chiggers are an annoying larva form of the Trombiculidae mite.  People and animals often get them while walking through grassy or woodland areas, and they cause intense and miserable itching for weeks.  Because Chigger Bites are so uncomfortable and so common, you may be wondering: Are Chiggers Contagious? We’ll dive into that question, answer it, and also […]

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Where do Chiggers Live?

Chiggers are commonly found all over the world. There isn’t really anywhere in the world you can go to avoid getting them uless you like the dessert or really cold weather. Based on where they like to hide though you should be able to avoid being covered in chigger bites. Where do Chiggers live? Being […]

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Chiggers in bed

Can Chiggers Live in your Bed

Here’s a young lady’s situation, that nobody would want to experience:While sleeping in bed at night, some type of critter is eating me alive.  I have really itchy bites for at least 5 days now, and have more than 50 bites on me!  I have searched and searched the bed, and my room, but can’t […]

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What do Chiggers Look Like?

You’ve seen plenty of insects in the world and all of them look different. It can be difficult keeping track of which insects are biting you and which are not. Chiggers are found all over the world and love to feed on humans. If you’re here you’ve likely heard of chiggers before but aren’t sure […]

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Chigger Bugs

Chigger Bugs, or more commonly called just Chiggers, or Red Bugs, are the larval stage of the Trombiculidae mite.   Chigger Bugs are a real nuisance, as their “bites” cause inflamed pimple like marks on your skin, that itch intensely.   If you’ve ever been bitten by Chiggers, you never want to be bitten again!What are […]

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Chiggers vs Bed Bugs

On the surface, it might seem that Chiggers and Bed Bugs have a great deal in common.  The reality is, that other than causing painful and itching areas on your skin, they are actually very different.  This article will compare Chiggers vs. Bed Bugs, and provide you with all the information you need to know […]

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