Can Bed Bugs Kill You? (5 Ways To Prevent Bed Bug Bites)

Bed BugsCan Bed Bugs Kill You? (5 Ways To Prevent Bed Bug Bites)

Can bed bugs kill you? That’s an interesting question. Bed bugs can play havoc with your life. The seemingly harmless creatures stubbornly refuse to leave once they take residence in your home or living space.

Bed bugs are parasites that get concealed in mysterious places full of dirt and darkness. 

can bed bugs kill you

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Does Bed Bug Bite Lead To Death?

can bed bugs kill you

Bed bugs have become a major concern for people. Yet, a major concern related to these parasites is whether can bed bugs kill you. Or are they harmful to your health? Notably, these bugs are tiny in size and are known to be bloodsuckers. These bugs cause various health allergies, rashes, blood loss, and infections.

Although these bugs can cause skin irritations they do not cause severe harm. Bed bug bites can cause allergies that could require proper medical attention. People must ensure to clean the surroundings or bedding before laying on them.

It is unlikely that you will suffer from serious repercussions due to bed bugs, but that does not mean that you can take them lightly. Bed bugs will not directly lead to death.  At least, that is not a likely scenario, but they can be the cause of significant discomfort and stress.

Can Bed Bugs Make You Sick?

can bed bugs kill you

A number of studies prove, beyond doubt that bed bugs do not carry diseases from person to person. However, there are certain bacterial infections of the skin that may be transmitted via bed bugs.

  • Impetigo – This is a skin condition that is contagious and leads to reddish spots on the face and hands.  It is most commonly observed in infants and children.
  • Ecthyma – This is another skin condition of bacterial origin. Ecthyma leads to crusty sores on the body that can be extremely painful. In addition to bacterial infections, one common problem that most persons face with bed bugs is allergies. Those who are allergic to the saliva of bed bugs might have a real problem with their hands.

An allergic reaction to bed bugs should never be ignored as it might worsen over time, leading to anaphylaxis. This is a life-threatening condition characterized by inflammation of the throat and tongue, leading to difficulty in breathing. Persons who suffer from anaphylaxis will require hospitalization and monitoring over a few days.

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Symptoms To Know If There Are Bed Bugs!

Psychological Effects Of Bed Bug Infestations

Persons who have bed bugs, more often than not, carry with them a certain burden of psychological issues as well.  There is no one who wants to admit to having these pests at home.  Below, is a list of the psychological implications of having bed bugs in your home.

  • Social Stigma – Most people don’t own up to having bed bugs because of the popular myth that bed bugs are caused due to a lack of hygiene.  There is no truth in this statement, as bed bugs can hitchhike easily from one place to another.  This is also the reason that persons with bed bugs do not feel the need of isolating themselves from society and eventually become spreaders of the pests.
  • Insomnia – The presence of bed bugs can wreak havoc with your sleep cycle.  Most people are unable to get a good night’s rest because these pets usually choose to feast at night.  This leads to a number of serious symptoms, like:
  • General weakness
  • Lack of energy
  • Inability to focus
  • Migraines
  • Irritability
  • Depression etc
  • Anxiety – This is one of the long-term ill effects of insomnia.  The very thought of having to deal with bed bug bites at night can give people anxiety.  If your body does not get the required sleep and rest it needs, the fatigue is bound to manifest itself in some way or the other and anxiety is one of them.

Do You Need To Visit The Doctor For Bed Bug Bites?

In most cases, the reddish spots that arise from bed bug bites subside with over-the-counter medications.  If it has been a week and they are still present even after applying topical agents, it is advisable to visit a skin specialist.

How To Prevent Bed Bugs?

It is almost impossible to prevent these pests as they are so good at concealing themselves and can hitchhike a ride from almost anywhere.  You can follow these precautions to avoid them in your home:

  1. Avoid clutter and keep throwing out unused items.
  2. Be especially careful when you travel and check your luggage and clothes for any bed bugs when you return home.
  3. Regular cleaning and vacuuming will help you keep an eye out for them.
  4. Schedule regular pest control inspections if you live in a bed bug-prone area.
  5. Call an exterminator as soon as you see the first signs of an infestation.

Final Words

In conclusion, bed bugs are not hazardous, but they do pose a number of serious side effects that cannot be ignored.  It is best to deal with infestations at the early stages and be done with the menace.

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