Know The Best Way To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs!

Have sleepless nights and awful days become your daily routine? Do you wake up with a burning sensation on your skin and intense itching? Do you worry about the little welts and red bumps on your skin? Well, you are on the right page as we will rescue you from your worries by acquainting you with some easy and Best Way To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

It is surprising how these tiny parasites can turn your world upside down. From the physical rashes, redness to mental health issues, it can take away your peace and make you helpless. But no more! We are going to present some excellent home remedies and natural ways to get rid of bed bugs. 

So scroll down, and we assure you that you will have a solution by the end of this page.

Best Way To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

  • Rigorously clean all the corners, floors, furniture, bed, curtains, cracks, rails, footboards, headboards, bed stands, tufts, and possible edges. 
  • Please fill all the cracks and crevices because they tend to hide in these spaces.
  • Wash all the bedding items on high heat. 

Bed bugs are tiny parasites that feed on human blood. They are generally active at night and early mornings, and you can find them near pipelines, around the bed, tags of the mattress, and box springs. The bites can be extremely itchy, painful, and problematic. 

These bites and infections are unpredictable as sometimes they can be mild enough to recover by themselves without medicines, and sometimes they will immediately need a doctor’s attention and medications. Also, bed bugs affect not only your skin but also your mental health.

University of Kentucky: Bed Bugs 'Bite' the Wallet of Hotel Owners | Newswise: News for Journalists

Use Insecticides

  • Pyrroles – they disrupt the cells of the bed bugs. 
  • Pyrethroids – Kills bed bugs.
  • Neonicotinoids – damages the nervous system of bugs

These are some basic ways now we will focus on cleaning your paradise, i.e., mattress. Hacks of getting rid of bed bugs in mattresses

  • The first and foremost work is to identify and isolate the bed.
  • Wash all the bed clothing at an extreme temperature for 30 minutes. Either extremely hot over 45 degrees Celsius or extremely cold .i.e. below -18 degrees Celsius 
  • Meticulously vacuum all the possible corner holes of the mattress and its surrounding area.
  • Consult the expert and spray the pesticide on the bed 
  • Use encasement for the mattress and choose such a fabric that traps the bed bugs. You can use special zippered sheets. 
  • Sticky pads under the beds can be effective.
  • Moat-style traps, which can trap the bugs from their hiding places. 
  • You can also use chemicals like insect growth regulators, Silicates, etc.

Well, if you want to try out some easy home remedies, then we have got you covered. We are listing some of the home remedies for you all.

Excellent Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs 

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Vinegar– This is generally found in every kitchen, and apart from adding flavor to the food, it can also bed bugs. It will damage the nervous system of the bugs. You must apply at the edges of the mattress.

Baking soda– A baking soda or sodium carbonate is the easy, effective, and cheapest way to get rid of bugs. It dehydrates the skin of the bedbugs, killing them straight away. 

Rubbing alcohol– It will dissolve their cells and cure the infestation of the bugs. 

Essential oils– You can use peppermint, thyme, lavender, and tea tree. These will keep the bugs away from your skin. You can also spray on the mattress as it can kill the bugs. 

Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

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Use steam cleaner– Its heat treatment is super effective.

Diatomaceous earth– It is chemical–less and also the best natural way of killing bugs. 

Cayenne pepper– You can crush and sprinkle on the infested areas. 

Vacuum– A critical medium to keep away bugs. Vacuum all the corners, cracks, and crevices.  

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These are some of the effective and efficient methods. I hope this information was helpful to you all and helped you in finding the solution. Do visit this website for more details, as we keep posting such valuable facts and keep imparting knowledge that concerns your health. 

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